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Hello there Neil. I ask yourself if I can ask a question. I have seen your video clips that review Search Engine Optimization as well as having outside links on a site. I have 3 ecommerce and a few of these swagbucks $500 perday gift cards websites all related to gifts, however various kinds of gifts on each website, so not taking on each other. I am thinking about adding links to each of my websites on the bottom of every product page. Eg on the initial internet site adding a little message as well as the connect to the other 2 internet sites. I will be including some message like “did you know we have two sister sites?” After that provide a fast review of each of the websites as well as the web link, which would open in a new tab when clicked. Do you assume this is a great idea? Do you recommend doing this on other web page as well? Thank you a lot ahead of time. These tactics work really well. I ┬áhave actually been constructing my short articles utilizing these 3 steps for some time, and also each post acquires content, enhances search engine results, and also continuouslies go up as I add more content

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